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Let’s Talk About Rugs with Tappeti

These carpet weavers have everything from oriental rugs with geometric patterns and colourful modern ones to Persian knots and bamboo silk that’ll pamper your room, and your feet.

If you’re redecorating your living room or in the process of moving to a new one, then adding an anchoring element that sets the tone for your space and embodies the style you’re going for becomes crucial. We suggest working from the ground up, quite literally by picking a rug that ties everything together and sits pretty with your choice of furniture. Tappeti are carpet weavers that have everything from oriental rugs with geometric patterns and colourful modern ones to Persian knots and bamboo silk that’ll pamper your room, and your feet.

“We’ve been in the carpet industry for two decades,” co-founder Mohamed El Maghawry tells #SceneHome of her family business that started in 1997, selling high quality handmade rugs to tourists in Sakkara. After expanding into wholesale, Tappeti grew their selection of luxury carpets to include classic, contemporary and silky designs. “Each rug is intricately made so that no two products are the same,” he says. “It’s the quality of the textures and how they feel that makes them special.”

“We have a passionate relationship with our customers and we also care about working with design houses,” he says of Tappeti’s clientele which consists of the likes of The Design Avenue, Eklego Design Studio, Alchemy Design Studio, Hany Saad Innovations, Mona Hussein Design House, Yasmina Makram and Design Point. Basically, everyone loves their rugs and services, mostly because it includes trials if you’re not sure of which rug to pick, clean or repair. Then again, such services are guaranteed when dealing with a well-knitted brand.

“We have two categories of Indian handmade rugs,” he adds. “The first comprises of Persian and Tibetan knots, while the second is handloom rugs which are made by pulling loops of yarn through a stiff woven base,” El Maghawry explains the process which takes two months to be completed. As for the hand-loom rugs, their in-trend monotone look can last up to 12 years. “They are highly versatile when it comes to textures.”

Acknowledging their use of wool and pure silk, and at times both wool and hand-twisted bamboo silk, Tappeti’s versatility isn’t limited in touch and texture. “Modern styles take a life of their own, constantly evolving with the trend,” he says of the washed off contemporary rugs everyone seems to be losing their feet over. “While classic or traditional rugs emphasise balance, harmony and order,” he continues. “We here focus on creating a timeless aura that never really gets affected by trends.

Nothing beats the feeling of stepping on a good carpet, especially when it’s silk. “Its fineness allows for detailed ornaments,” he adds. It’s their simmering colour that stands out from pure natural silk, as you stand on it feeling a sense of satisfaction uniquely experienced when your chosen rug matches and completes your room. Even if your room has a carpet floor, it may not make total sense, but rugs still end up feeling like that last missing piece