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Pillow Fights: Choose Your Cushion from These Egyptian Brands

Here are some Egyptian brands that would get you equipped for your next pillow fight, ensuring that the last thing your nephew sees before the smack is ‘Christian Lacroix’.

Cushions are the most understated of our decorations. They complete the focal point of every living room; sofas, provide support while binge watching and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space. But let’s face it, the best function of cushions is discovered in pillow fights. Here are some Egyptian brands that would get you equipped for your next pillow fight, ensuring that the last thing your nephew sees before the smack is ‘Christian Lacroix’. 

Design Emporium

If we’re talking about Christian Lacroix prints, along with more renowned fashion names, on cushions, then look no further than the fabrics and prints haven in Zamalek. Design Emporium is where you’d find cushions made for statement chairs that are meant to be marvelled at as much as used. 

Maison Baya

Rustic charm vibes come with patterns inspired from African culture in Maison Baya’s cushions. They also design rugs and pouffes, among other home accessories. But it’s their cushions that are immersed in real knotty, gritty feels. 

Pampas Living

Soothing and calm in their tones, Pampas Living got us imagining getting into a pillow fight with one of their bohemian inspired cushions. Someone’s bound to get smacked with the eye of Horus. 


While some of us are stuck on Soup Kids’ cushions made for the little ones, it's Soup Design House that offers cushions for, well, ‘grown ups.’ Not to say that Giraffe prints aren’t mature, but if you’re looking for bright, colourful cushions with relatable messages that could offer a laugh during the fight or signal a truce, then you’ve found it. Chill, paw!


Knana certainly seem to like their own prints, applying them on all of their products from coffee mugs and tableware to cushions, and what’s not to like? Ingeniously pairing their stand out cushions like the Goran with patterned others that offer some contrast. 

Malaika Linens

Who would’ve thought a day would come where we associate a brand as sophisticated as Malaika in a pillow fight? For what it’s worth they make the best cushions and if the inevitable occurs why wouldn’t you be equipped with cushions that were made with Egyptian heritage in mind? 


Using fabrics to tell stories from across the world, Inca can be found in Zamalek, Downtown Mall and Arkan Plaza. Waiting to gently grace some unsuspecting cheeks, this cushion features a polynight flower cheerfully hued with black as a background. 

Maison Turk 

Maison Turk offers cushions that work both outdoors and indoors. With visually dizzying patterns like this Ikat hand dyed cushion blending navy blue and yellow together. Perfect visuals to swing while experiencing the delirious joy of pillow fighting. 

Reform Studio

On a serious note, Reform Studio makes sustainable cushions as they apply their recycling philosophy to a variety of products that range from home to lifestyle and fashion. Maybe the fact that their Gold Nomadic cushions are made out of recycled materials would make you feel less bad when going for your tenth swing.