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Sign Up for an Esorus Loyalty Card for a Chance to Win a Trip to Dubai

Taking place November 8th-13th, Dubai Design Week is shaping up to be the grandest of occasions and you can be right there in the middle of all the action.

Esorus, the design network curator based in Cairo, Egypt, is offering loyalty cards to designers, with a chance to win a free trip to Dubai Design Week.

Held from November 8th to November 13th, and organised by Art Dubai Group, Dubai Design Week is an annual festival celebrating creativity through exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops.

Visitors are presented with a sneak peek into the future through captivating concepts, discover the latest design trends with 130 brands and designers, and participate in over 80 workshops and masterclasses by regional and international industry leaders. From pottery to tree planting, the hub will feature the region’s artisans, creatives and small businesses.

By using Esorus’ loyalty cards, designers will be able to gain points on every purchase, or by visiting any one of their brands’ showrooms, which can then be redeemed for rewards. Designers will enjoy guaranteed special rates from over 200 suppliers offering 12,000 items and products.

To get your FF&E support and smooth entry to Dubai Design Week’s offerings, visit their website at