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Studio M6’s ‘Bookworm’ is Every Reader’s Fantasy Interior

Sometimes the best decorations are books, as long as they are being read and aren’t just collecting dust. In this render by Studio M6, a massive library was designed in a warm and cosy environment.

This conceptual interior design by Studio M6 ‘Bookworm’ is every readers’ aesthetic. In this massive home library, the books are arranged by colour, and while they make for great decorations the designers made sure they aren’t just sitting there collecting dust by depicting a sliding library ladder.

“It’s a cosy and warm reading room,” founder Mohab Bedeir tells #SceneHome. “You can feel this cosiness through its warm colour palette distributed among the overlapping patterns on the rugs.”

Sun louvres were designed to let natural light into the space, creating patterns that land on the reading area just around the time when the homeowner would pick a book. The cat and greenery are there to bring life to the scene, such are the nuances that complete interiors.