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This Egyptian Studio Won the Platinum Muse Design Award

The gorgeous G Hotel at the North Coast has earned them accolades, but what is it about their design that works so well?

Resting on the southern edge of the Mediterranean, Seashell’s G Hotel is the creation of Alchemy Design Studio. The combined artistic, architectural and interior design philosophies of design directors Mohamed Fares, Karim Mekhtigian and Eman Hussein culminated in a sand-washed, sleek design that exudes effortlessness - a certain je ne sais quoi that earned Alchemy Design Studio the 2021 platinum Muse Design Award in the interior design category.

“Since its opening in 2019, the G Hotel has been a glittering jewel on Egypt’s North Coast,” Fares tells #SceneHome. Considering that the developed area around the property also features the creative work of Alchemy, it is of no surprise that the G Hotel sits ever so eloquently within its built environment.

Complementing rather than contrasting, the hotel’s architecture has a minimal design that reflects its landscape, an approach that extends through the interior with deft details that cater to the needs of the guests.  “As arriving guests crest the gentle hill, it suddenly dips revealing the beachfront property with its azure backdrop,” Fares adds. “Modern, state of the art connectivity and amenities indulge the guests in a generous living experience.” Playfully configured into eight different spaces, the hotel includes beachfront and poolside rooms, uniquely fashioned suites called ‘G Lofts’, and Shell houses.

The lofts bask in the pleasuring warmth of the sun as their double-height ceilings allow its luminance to unveil the open layout of the interiors, immersing its guests into an unbounded experience where sleeping areas overlook living quarters.

Perched along saltwater pools, the Shell Houses are splashed with the hotel’s signature yellow, reflecting the permeating sunlight. In every corner, the colour palette used for furnishing and materials speaks the dialect of the property’s natural, summer seasoned facades. As Fares describes it, “The harmony between elements, man-made or natural, is the result of the attention to detail and uncompromising desire to define an enjoyable summer experience through design.”