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225 mg: New EP by Mostafa Onsy

Mostafa Onsy just dropped a new EP on Soundcloud that we couldn't quite wrap our heads around, but we gave it a listen and here's what we think...

Mostafa Onsy is not new to Cairo's Electronic scene; he's played several gigs recently, and has many releases to his name on Soundcloud. His new album is hard to place under any label or genre - some are drone tracks and others are entirely abstract, experimental, and pretty fucking mental, if we do say so ourselves. They're also not necessarily dark; some melodies are pretty bright, actually, with some very revelational stuff, minimalism being key.

The first track, 225, will mislead you a bit; do not be fooled, the album will pick up. The second track could be what you're looking for if you weren’t entirely satisfied with the first one. Track number two, 1994, has a certain bounce to it that will have you bobbing your head in the most peculiar way - if you make it past the first minute and a half, that is. The coming two tracks scan through different number frequencies, 001 and 009 (the tracks are called frequency 001 and frequency 009), two very strange frequencies.Then there is Crack Cake, a seven-minute track that's rather bi-polar; half of it is lo-fi downtempo and the other half sounds like Glitch-Hop, but not - it's Experimental Techno, very similar to Jeff McIlwain producing under the Lusine moniker, a sound that stems back to the 90s British Techno era.

Those were the tracks that really stood out as the whole album is a rather obscure experiment attempted by Onsy in the confines of his dark and secluded workspace. It closes off with a track called Cutoff V3 - such a technical name. 225 mg of Onsy is a lot to deal with, especially when the cook-up (the mastering) is by Sik.Sik from pie.square. Be careful not to overdose. 

For more information about Mostafa Onsy check him out on Facebook here, and on Soundcloud here.