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The 3rd WANAS International Music Festival is Around the Corner!

The 3rd WANAS International Music Festival, vision of El Mastaba cultural center, brings diverse and timeless acts from across Egypt and abroad to a three day festival in downtown Cairo.

Our culture of digital omnipresence has brought us many advantages and allowed music to transmit far and wide, but in some regards it is at the expense of our time-steeped traditions and cultural treasures. Exposure to authentic traditional music is becoming rarer, but there are those who see the importance of maintaining its presence in our society. On November 9-11, at the Greek Campus in downtown Cairo the 3rd WANAS International Music Festival will do just this and more. A vision of the the El Mastaba center, which exists to maintain and revive the diverse musical traditions of Egypt, the concept of WANAS is to showcase groups from various social classes and cultures in Egypt, providing a platform in which groups that would not normally come together can convene. Those groups include Port Said’s heralded El Tanbura, Nubanour, the Bedouin Jerry Can Band from North Sinai, and Rango among several others. It also extends beyond Egypt, presenting artists from Germany and the Netherlands. A promising time for anyone looking to unplug and dip into timelessness, right in downtown Cairo, WANAS is looking to be a divine and exhilarating event. 

See the full line-up and follow the WANAS festival on their Facebook, and the El Mastaba center on their website for more info.