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5 Epic Female Musicians to Watch Out for in Cairo this Month

Here are five female vocalists we have our eyes on, all of whom are playing at Cairo Jazz Club this January.

The multitude of live events taking place in Cairo every month is increasing - as are the artists supplying the music for these events - faster than ever before. We here at Scene Noise are always keeping an eye out for the best musicians performing in and around our city, shedding a spotlight on those that really stand out. We make our selections based on who we think are pioneering new sounds, that move and entertain the listener the most. These five ladies have been really pushing their separate sounds forward, and have never failed to impress us at any time we attended one of their performances, and they are all performing at Cairo Jazz Club this January.

Nathalie Saba

Signed with Sony Music ME at only 15 years old, Nathalie Saba is one of our favourite Egyptian vocalists. Her hit song Snow can easily be considered one of the best releases by any Egyptian artist in the past couple of years. We truly believe that Saba is one of the most unique female voices to come out of the Arab world recently. 

Asia Madani

Sudanese artist Asia Madani moved to Egypt back in 2001, and since then she has recorded a multitude of original songs, and performed at some of the country's biggest events. Her music is rooted in her Sudanese origins, yet other African styles that she picked up from her performances with The Nile Project and AfriCairo - Wust El Balad bassist Ahmed Omar's project - show in her sound.

 Hend El Rawy

Hend El Rawy is an Egyptian vocalist that joined famous French band Orange Blossom, recorded their last album with them and performed with the band on stage in over 200 events all over Europe. She is currently focusing on her own project, where she performs Egyptian songs. Certainly one to look out for.

Shahira Kamal

Shahira Kamal performs originals and cover songs with her band Shahira Kamal & The Band. She writes and sings her own original lyrics, and composes her own melodies. Her sound is acoustic, urban, and very distinct. Her voice is beautiful and homey, leaving you with an intense feeling of satisfaction.

Shereen Abdo

Egyptian folk/rock fusion queen, and all around talented vocalist Shereen Abdo is no stranger to us. We fell in love with her sound at Cairo Jazz Club, where she performs regularly, always delivering the freshest tunes out of her private vault of originals and reinterpreted covers. Abdo is currently pioneering and dominating the folk/rock fusion scene


You can catch all of these amazing musicians performing at Cairo Jazz Club this month.

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