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8 Street Music Performances You Won't Want To Miss This Weekend

The Pick A Street initiative aims to raise donations for Waslet Kheir by making music through the streets, with performances scheduled from Thursday till Saturday. Here is a list of all the musical acts bringing their eclectic sounds to a variety of Cairene streets.

The streets of Cairo are in for a musical takeover as the innovative Pick A Street initiative is preparing for a weekend of street performances, with a variety of underground and notable artists performing as the initiative aims to raise awareness and collect funds for Waslet Kheir, a subsidiary of El Orman, which works to help people regain their hearing. Partnering with this noble cause, we have decided to compile a list of the eight artists scheduled in various Cairene streets this weekend.

Hassan Ramzy

Kicking off the weekend is none other than Pick A Street organiser and talented musician Hassan Ramzy. Serenading the streets with the hottest covers, as well as his own originals, this singer/songwriter will be performing on Thursday March 31st at 7 PM at the Concorde Plaza in Tagamoa El Khames.

Shady Ahmed

If you happened to catch the enigmatic Hassan Ramzy show, then you are in luck as smooth vocalist and guitar guru Shady Ahmed is also performing in Tagamoa El Khames just a couple of hours later, at 9 PM in the Downtown Mall. The acoustic genius will be serenading the streets in his beloved style, making Tagamoa the place to be for live music.

Amy Frega

Starting Friday April 1st, Pick A Street will be taking over Zamalek's streets, kicking off with a breathtaking performance by Amy Frega. Taking place at 5 PM by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf near Om Kalthoum Square, the talented songstress will be giving it her all to stop passersby in their tracks while kicking off what is set to be an inspiring street music smorgasbord in Cairo’s cultural island. 

Omar Emara

Continuing the momentum on Friday will be the lead singer of Egypt’s alternative trio Pulse, Omar Emara. Going at it alone, Emara will keep the beat on the street while pleasing ears, performing at 7 PM on 26th of July Street at the centre sidewalk near El Sawy Culture Wheel.

Shehab Kasseb

Wrapping up Pick A Street's Zamalek takeover on Friday is beloved vocalist Shehab Kasseb. Known for his work with popular band Screwdriver, Kasseb will take to the 26th of July Street near Maison Thomas alone to perform a variety of covers to cap the musical evening with his unique brand of ear candy.

Osama El Hady

Starting Saturday April 2nd, Pick A Street will be moving from Zamalek to take over Gameat el Dewal in Mohandeseen. Kicking off the night of open air music is the one-man wonder Osama El Hady. Making part of Moustafa Mahmoud street his own, El Hady can be found entertaining the masses near the mosque/square at 5 PM. 

High on Body Fat

Building up the musical momentum in Mohandeseen is the no joke musical act known as High on Body Fat. Wait, did we say ‘no joke’? Because we meant all jokes as this act is known to have audiences laughing in stitches while tapping their feet. On Saturday, they will be found near the On The Run around 7 PM, delighting ears while tickling your funny bones.

Karkadan Says 

Wrapping up the weekend and the Mohandeseen musical street takeover on Saturday is musical phenomenon Karkadan Says. Bring his creative songs that reflect every life in Egypt, Karkadan Says – aka Karim El Ghalid – will be taking over end of the street near Shakawan in Gameat el Dewal around 9 PM. Providing a mix of abrasive Rock with an Oriental twist, this act is the perfect way to cap Pick A Streets' awesome musical weekend.

To learn more about the Pick A Street initiative, check out our full interview, and find out how you can help Waslet Kheir even if you can’t make it out to the shows.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @pickastreet.