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Anja Schneider: Deck Damsel

Ahead of this weekend's upcoming #LetGo shebang at The Temple, brought to you by Blurr Entertainment and Mobilee Records, we speak to label founder of the latter Anja Schneider to find out more about the DJ, producer, and all-around lady boss.

This weekend, local heroes Blurr Entertainment have teamed up with international powerhouse Mobilee Records to throw one of their signature globe-trotting bashes, #LetGo, at The Temple. Judging by the entities involved, and the crazy parties Blurr have brought us in the past, we expect nothing short of a mind blowing shebang. The lineup for the event includes AND.ID and Aly B, and label head of Mobilee - and all around lady boss - Anja Schneider. The sensational German spinner will be gracing the decks of this weekend's party with her unmistakable Tech House tunes. So ahead of her gig, we caught up with Schneider to find out a little bit more about the lethal musical lady...

So, Anja first of all it's great to have you back in Egypt. After your last party here this past summer, we can safely say we are all very excited to have you back. Let us start by asking what was your impression last time around? 

I was very impressed; first of all with your amazing food and with  a landscape I've never seen before. The traffic on the other hand, I'd rather forget! But most impressive was the scene and the crowd and the way they party - it was intense and there was great energy. I can't wait to come back. 

What do you think goes into throwing a really good event? 

First of all, the sound is the most important element - it lays the groundwork for everything else. If there is a bad sound system it's impossible to create a vibe and to take the people with you on a journey.

If you could describe your music in four words what would they be?

Music which lets you move your hips. And when your hips are moving you're automatically smiling :) It's a good combination. Not exactly four words, sorry!

Are you with or against more technology and gadgets in a DJ setup?

I believe in having an absolutely free mindset when it comes to this. Everyone should play however they feel comfortable; there is no right or wrong.

What are your musical inspirations? 

I draw a lot of musical inspiration from the 80s; The Cure and Depeche Mode in particular.

Favourite venue you've played in?

I played once in Bejing, China near the Great Wall of China. I was really impressed by the historical spirit over there.

Are you happy to be back? Where do you see the club scene in Egypt going, and is it exciting to be part of a newly born and rapidly growing underground scene in Egypt?

I don't know much about the club scene in Egypt but I'm always appreciative if people like underground music, are open minded, excited about new things, and ready to show some love to each other - mostly through music, which is the best.

If there was one famous person that you could have as your assistant for a day, who would you choose?

So many but I would love to spend one day with Prince.

Fill in the blank. Music to me is _______ ?


If you had to choose only one record to listen to for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Kraftwerk / Computerliebe / Computerwelt.

We know that Mobilee has been a curator of talent for ages. Many internationally acclaimed artists were part of Mobilee Records in their beginnings - it's quite obvious that you have an eye for talent, can you share with us who are some of your favourite artist(s) at the moment?

Leftwing + Kody! Check them out; they're going to be big!

You can find out more about Blurr's event on their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @blurrcairo.

You can check out Anja's Facebook page here or follow her on Soundcloud here.

Main image courtesy of Schneider's Facebook page.