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Anthony Parasole's 'Velocity' EP is the Perfect Soundtrack to your Sunday Morning Road Rage

Anthony Parasole releases his Velocity EP on Redimension records, Joseph Capriati’s new label. The EP includes eerie, fast paced and extremely dynamic techno.

Anthony Parasole is one of the veterans of the New York scene, but has moved to Berlin where he is doing a residency at the mecca of techno hedonists: Berghain. Additionally, Parasole and Levon Vincent ran their now defunct imprint, Deconstruct, coming to an end a couple of years ago due to a falling out between the two artists. 

Parasole focuses on the weirder sides of house and techno while still maintaining the energy of the dance floor. He manages to proficiently move around within his sound, and every EP he releases is more progressive than the previous one. The producer displays excellent layering, constantly adding different sounds that would startle any unwitting raver. Industrial sounds, alien blips and dissonant synths complement the rolling techno beat in the title track Velocity. There is a strong sense of movement in the synth work, constantly becoming richer. If there was one way to describe this song, it would be “anxiously weird.”

Bang is a more minimal, no nonsense techno piece with a hypnotic vocal loop repeating the word “bang.” Standard dub chords are layered over the beat. Occasional dissonant one-shot synth notes hits highlight the freaky and experimental aesthetic of the EP. 

The name of the third track, Hot Zone, speaks for itself: acid bass with eerie delays, drum fills, and a straightforward techno beat. The track relies heavily on surprise attacks with shocking stabs that accentuate the intensity of the piece. The definition of velocity is speed in a specific direction; and Parasole portrays that speed beautifully. 

Follow Anthony Parasole on Soundcloud  for more tunes and check out his Facebook for regular updates.