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Battle of the Bands Hits the Road with Jeep

For round three of this most epic battle, be on the lookout for the BOTB Wrangler Roadshow.

As you all surely know, Egypt is currently the site of a huge battle, a Battle of the Bands that is. Each week we all fiercely bicker over who we think is best and wait with bated breath for the faceoff that will determine Egypt's next musical sensation. 

This week is going to be a little bit different as the Battle of the Bands folks have teamed up with Jeep for a Wrangler road show to spread the word about Egypt's sonic reckoning even further and give out free tickets to round 3 this weekend.

This evening, look out for the Battle of the Bands' Jeep Wranglers, starting at Road 9 in Maadi, and run them off the road (or just politely say hi) and they'll hook you up with a sick BOTB shield sticker. Slap that bad boy on your vehicle and post to social media, declaring your undying love for your favorite act and you'll get free tickets to battle # 3. Easy, right? We thought so. Don't mess it up, your favourite band is depending on you!

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