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Bikya Return to Cairo Jazz Club

They emerge after a year of silence that ends now! Bikya is back!

After another hiatus, the long awaited three-piece collaborative Bikya are back at Cairo Jazz Club with their miscellaneously distinguished electronic talent! It’s been almost a year since we last heard of Bikya performing anywhere but it won’t be long now before they’re back in their element on Cairo Jazz Club’s stage next Tuesday, September 8th.

Bikya dodge musical genres by creating an unfathomable mix of Drum ‘n’ Bass, Classic Techno, Funk, Trip Hop, Electronica, Ambient Electro and Folktronica en masse using acoustic as well as electronic instruments, with Mahmoud Waly on Bass, Maurice Louca on keyboard and guitar, and renowned 100 Copies Music Space founder Mahmoud Refaat on the drums. All of them will be multitasking, handling electronics duties along with their own instruments, and just generally showing off their musical prowess. Their rather impressive Arabian/Western fusion coats their musical innovations while simultaneously bulldozing through the unassuming and captivated audiences with their sound. It's music for the mad, the absorbed and the intrigued, so be prepared to find yourselves fluctuating between delirious-dance mode and awe-struck stand and stare form, disarranged and rearranged again. The multi talented Bikya are a band to penciled into your schedule, not to be missed! Also goes well with drinks, dancing shoes and an occasional high chair by the bar.

Check out Cairo Jazz Club's website here, Facebook page here, and Instagram account here.