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Bob Dylan Tribute At CJC To Ignite Folk Spirit

The living musical legend is so iconic that simply covering his tracks can make you a superstar. On January 24th, Cairo Jazz Club will bring together the best Folk musicians in Cairo to pay tribute to the icon and provide a Dylan love-in you won't want to miss.

Bob Dylan remains as one of the few greatest living revolutionary Folk Rock singers still performing to this day. Inspiring generations and movements, this Folk artist is one of the best-selling musicians ever, and his music will be identified as the most honest depiction of the changing times. Recognising the importance of this living legend, Cairo Jazz Club has decided to book an evening of Bob Dylan tributes to honour the songs that will immortalise more than sounds, but also the folksy spirit.

How good is Bob Dylan? Stupid question, we know, but the simplest answer is that he is so good that other great acts who cover his songs end up with their biggest hits in their entire discography. When The Byrds electrified Mr Tambourine Man, they became overnight sensations. Adapting Knockin' On Heaven's Door did wonders for Guns N’ Roses, giving Axl Rose the perfect vehicle for his shrill, nasally, high-pitched delivery. When Jimi Hendrix covered All Along The Watchtower, he continued to prove himself a guitar god. We could go on, but the point remains: give Dylan tracks some justice and a lot of amplification, and you’re on your way to a hit.

As a prominent civil rights activist, Bob Dylan would create legendary musical expressions that would go on to define the times. When Ruben 'Hurricane' was wrongly convicted for multiple murders, Bob Dylan paid him a visit and penned his defense: a catchy tune that highlighted the plight of an innocent man whose only crime was the colour of his skin. Always speaking up for justice, and with over 50 years of experience and countless albums, Bob Dylan is one of the most important artists living today, which is why Rolling Stone recognises Like a Rolling Stone as the best of the 500 Greatest Classic Rock Tracks of all time.

We could go on and on about our Dylan lovefest, but we're thirsty and preparing to quench that thirst with a much-needed dose of Dylan at Cairo Jazz Club. On January 24th, the eve of the 5th anniversary of January 25th uprising, CJC will host a Dylan tribute night, collecting some of the greatest local talents to bring this Folk legend’s compositions to Cairene ears. Taking the stage are the local talent likes of George Aboutar, Hany Mustafa, Maged Faltas, Mohamed El Mallawany, and Omar Magdy, who will all do their best to give justice to the songs of the man that defined several lost generations.

For more event details, check out Cairo Jazz Club's Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @cairojazzclub.