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Polish Indie/Electronica Band Mountain Lakes Coming to Cairo

On Thursday, November 9th at Cairo Jazz Club, we will have the pleasure of seeing indie/electronic band Mountain Lakes, coming all the way from Poland.

On Thursday, November 9th, Cairo Jazz Club will be receiving a special visit all the way from Poland – three-piece indie/electronica band Mountain Lakes. Not only will it be Mountain Lakes' first time performing in Egypt, but their first gig abroad. The band was started after lead-man Wayne Hood traveled across 14 European countries for six months, from his native England to what would be his new home of Warsaw, Poland. During this voyage, he took to producing music on his laptop, influenced by post-rock, trip hop and hypnotic electronica.

It makes sense that Mountain Lakes would come to Egypt; the experience of traveling and the concept of observation and perspective on shifting environments are a huge part of their music. This idea of perception comes into their name as well, taken from the title of a painting by surrealist Salvador Dalí. Their questioning of the solidity of reality comes through in their ethereal music, in which they "focus mostly on emotions and the atmosphere." Though it is their first time on the continent for most of the band, vocalist Joanna Cisowska lived in Cairo. Mountain Lakes’ music is composed of electronic beats produced by Wayne Hood, graced with guitar and vocals by his Polish band mates, building "multi-layered musical landscapes." Taking inspiration from Radiohead, Miles Davis and Massive Attack to name a few, Mountain Lakes should appeal to fans of groups like The XX. When was the last time you were privy to the dreamy, elegantly crafted music of a band coming from as far as Warsaw? If ever, it surely wasn't recently, so make your way to Cairo Jazz Club for this show. 

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