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Cartoon Therapy: 94720 EP

Cartoon Therapy has just released another subtly explosive two-track EP. Check it out here.

Another subtly explosive two-track EP release by Cartoon Therapy. Young producer Yaseen El Azzouni never fails to incorporate unpredictable elements onto his gangster tracks, this time fuelling his work with a more focused portion of Hip-hop and Rap. A sting of psychedelic melodies are layered brilliantly onto his first track Amelie, sampling Lil Wayne’s vocals while fashioning a rather gritty, piercing cross-section of Sitar throughout the entire tune. The second track is a witty, creative remix of My Salsa by D12, instrumentally multi layered to precision with complementary Salsa and tabla beats - or bongos is it? Either way, kick-ass.

It somehow feels like Cartoon Therapy’s objective was to highlight the core spirit of the original tracks, evoking the melodic essence of each prototype. With the first track Amelie directed towards a more immersed, oriental feel, while the second track conjures a more tropical, less sarcastic completion to its musical purpose, substantial resolve and criminal artistry are the penetrating end result. Thug salute!

Check out Cartoon Therapy's Facebook page here, and SoundCloud account here.

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