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Dancestock has taken over our Wednesday nights at the Cairo Jazz Club.

 I was filled with elation when I heard that the first night would consist of two very proficient noise making virtuosos that may be comparable to the likes of Bach or Tchaikovsky. Yes, I’m talking about Aly B and DJ Dan Healy.

We often refer to Aly B as the greatest DJ in the world though we do we realise that this might be slightly biased and inaccurate because he is, in fact, the greatest DJ in the universe. Humble, charming and a relentless manipulator of the sickest nu disco, electro-house mash ups, his warm up set managed to coax everyone to the dancefloor by way of musical osmosis. Side effects of his sets always include uncontrollable clapping. I’m still clapping which is making it difficult for me to type *clap clap clap*.
Aly B *clap clap clap*
The headliner for the night was Londoner DJ Dan Healy. I was confident in this sound-savvy, deck-dazzler, having heard him spin in London and Cairo before. He has become in-tune with the Motherland and, as of right now, has been re-named Dan Bin Healy. Dan was more then thrilled to be able to come to CJC and get given the green light to get down and dirty with his set, not having to compromise by throwing in ‘commercial’ tracks. After all, commercial house music is for the musically ignorant.  With full control, his set begun. *clap clap clap*
DJ Dan Bin Healy
Within minutes, the monkey-dancing party-goers flooded the dance floor, making obscure hand movements and moving their legs up and down like they were in a Richord Simmons exercise VHS tape. It was euphoric. Having been listening to one of his sets on repeat for the two weeks leading up to Dan’s arrival, for me it was the perfect Wednesday night remedy to an otherwise dwindling nightlife scene. However, I may have looked like a mental patient for the final two hours of the night with my eyes shut and and and uncontrollable grin on my face. Dan seamlessly moved from nu disco to deep and progressive house and funk tunes, metaphorically tickling my balls all night long.

Thank you Aly for making me clap. Thank you Dan for tickling my balls (metaphorically). Dancestock – I await you next Wednesday. *clap clap clap*

Read more about the full Dancestock schedule, every Wednesday at CJC  here.

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