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'Different Worlds' by Egyptian Artist Zein Has Been Steadily Climbing the Beatport Charts

Egyptian producer Zein's track 'Different Worlds' has made it to Beatport's Top 100 Progressive Tracks, climbing steadily to number 35 within a few weeks of its release. We take a listen.

Different Worlds is a superlative progressive techno track coming out of the studio, belonging to Egyptian producer Zein, with none other than Simon Doty on the remix - which we will be starting with. A straight forward deep techno track, elements include a massive percussion line, and a monotonous pad stimulating the track before a superb repetitive synth line takes the soundscape by storm. The bass line and drum line stick to a 4/4 plan, only progressing to usher in the track's main divide. Cue more synth play, percussive treatments, and a magnificent swell of a drop bringing in a vocal loop, saying god knows what.The original mix is rather peculiar, the looped vocal sounds a bit out of place on this version. The soundscape is very similar to the remix, but utilises different mixing techniques. It takes off in an emotional fashion, heavy at first with a crisp kick drum, ushering in the initial bass line - which is a bit bouncier in this version, more on the progressive side. You can define each escalation; it's quite nice, just a bit obvious from the start. The artist banks on some panning effects, decimating the synth lead over the sound spectrum - a very useful technique when used right. The track breaks once before the main break, dropping with the repetitive vocal. The main break utilises the same synth play as the track before, dropping with a much deeper kick, it drives on incessantly, progressing as it goes, peeling off towards the ending note.

Check out Zein on Facebook here and follow him on Soundcloud for more tunes.