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Eftekasat Returns To CJC On Sunday To Unleash Their New Album

Eftekasat, one of Egypt's beloved underground bands, is back with a new album, 'Gar Shakal'. Be among the first to hear it as this dynamic band prepares to return this Sunday to where their musical journey began: Cairo Jazz Club.

Cairo Jazz Club has often been the launching pad and home-away-from-home for many of Cairo's underground artists. After hosting their performance debut in 2002, and many performances thereafter, CJC is inviting Eftekasat back to perform their new album, Gar Shakal, this Sunday.

Eftekasat is an internationally acclaimed Oriental/Jazz fusion band whose rise to prominence didn't happen overnight. Making music together since 2002, Eftekasat has been slowly but steadily climbing the musical ranks over the past 13 years. Selling out their summer tour in Serbia and Bulgaria earlier this year; Eftekasat are making waves on the music scene beyond Egypt's borders. Set to perform their new album this Sunday at CJC, we can't wait to get a taste of what they have up their sleeves this time around.

If you've never heard of Eftekasat before, you should be ashamed. These guys have been selling music all over the world through online stores since 2006, where their debut album, Mouled Sidi El Latini, made a breakthrough and gained international critical acclaim. Ever since then they've been regularly travelling abroad to perform their music and give the world a taste of their truly unique style. Their music is rooted in their own stylish Oriental fusion thanks to the inclusion of the unique sounding nay, which resonates beautifully with the Jazz elements bringing you an east-meets-west experience. Eftekasat didn't begin with all its members playing together; instead, Amro Salah, Samer George, Ahmad Hesham, Laith Soliman, Ousso, Hany Bedair, and Mohamad Medhat, found each other along the way, and the band formed one by one. We're all eagerly anticipating their upcoming performance at CJC, where they will also be signing copies of their new album. If you are a fan than don't miss the chance to be among the first to hear their new album destined to be among the year's best local releases.

Find more about this performance here, and check out them out on Facebook.