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Hassan Abou Alam Releases Track on German Label Audiolith Records

The prodigal son of Egypt's electronic underground takes an international step.

Egypt’s music scene is largely closed off, comprised of cliques, collectives, and labels that cater purely to the Egyptian market, so it's always refreshing to see one of our homegrown talents breaking out of Om El Donya and onto the world stage. We’ve been following Hassan Abou Alam’s career for a while now. The genre-bending producer has been a fixation of the Egyptian underground electronic scene with his atmospheric, techno-infused records. His latest track, Fragile Things, is being released on German Independent label Audiolith as part of their long running Stiff Little Spinners compilation series, and is be featured alongside artists such as Rampue, Kalipo, and Krink, and is available for purchase as a limited 12” vinyl. Fragile Things is a somber three-minute cut that opens soft piano chords and steady shakers, lulling you into a false sense of relaxation before a hard hitting kick drum, crunchy snares, and a deep, metallic bass guitar pull you into a dark thumping groove. Abou Alam’s music is undeniably made for headphones.

Check out Hassan Abou Alam on his Facebook and Soundcloud.
Check out Audiolith Records on their Facebook and Soundcloud and Website.