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High Voltage

Cairo Jazz Club's High Voltage is back on Tuesday 17th December, and the line up looks electrifying.

Cairo Jazz Club's High Voltage night is dedicated to local talents who are making some heavy shit in the word of Electronic music. And, oh, what a world it is, full of gesticulating sine waves, scattershot beats and unearthly bass but, alas, we have no need to talk down to you, and explain to you the wonders of making Mozart out of machines. We are here, however, to give you a brief guide to your conductors for the night. See what we did there? Conductors as in musical conductors and also conductors as in electronic conductors because the night is called High Voltage. Sorry, we're talking down again. Of course you get it.

Firstly, Neobyrd; contrary to popular belief he is neither a bird nor The One destined to dissipate the Matrix. Although, maybe he is, we're not sure what he does in his free time apart from making dance-happy tracks with that certain je ne sais quoi, that particular fizzy synth vibe that makes each of his productions undoubtedly a Neobyrd one. Reasonably fresh off the release of his album, The King is Dead, which went to number one on Virgin Megastore's best sellers, and very fresh off the Berlin's electronic scene bandwagon, having played at Worldtronics 2013, he will be bringing the thunder to CJC. Metaphorical thunder. CJC holds up to proper safety standards; no one is getting electrocuted.

Now to Panstarrs; contrary to popular belief he is neither a saucepan in which to cook fresh mushrooms or other organic vegetation, nor is he a luminous sphere of plasma, held together by its own gravity. Or is he? Watching him on stage you do get the sense that he has created his own world of melancholic gravitas. This project of Youssef Abou Zeid has been around for two EPs now, the last of which garnered much acclaim for it's dynamic, melodic, lo-fi awesomeness that'd have you staring down at your shoes, swaying side to side, simultaneously wandering why your girlfriend left you and pondering the mysteries of the universe. Armed with his electric guitar, he will be smashing up CJC. Metaphorical smashing. He will not hurt you physically, only emotionally.

Last but not least, Mohammed Sadek, the proliferater, propagator and passionate panderer of all things French Electro and House. Think Justice, Boys Noise, Daft Punk, Chromeo; think vocoders, vintage sampling, heavy saws and and elegant drops, think... no, stop thinking! Just dance. He'll be spinning CJC in to a frenzy. Literally.

Book for High Voltage on the 17th of December at Cairo Jazz Club online here.