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Hybrid Frequency @ CJC

Throw everything you think you know about Electronic music out the window this Tuesday and catch some of Egypt's most eclectic noise-makers in action at Cairo Jazz Club...

Cairo Jazz Club will host three diverse artists at the forefront of Electronica and beatmaking this Tuesday 3rd June. Throw your 4 x 4's out the window and prep your ears for some new and copacetic sounds.

First up is debutant Gast. The IDM producer is dedicated to haunting soundscapes and infectious beats but with diversity that will take you from Techno to Ambient to Noise and back.

Next, Mohamed Ragab, AKA Machine Eat Man, is someone who has probably been producing experimental Electronic music since the the days of Pharaoh, and now probably more machine than man. He conducts a amalgamation of Oriental Electronicta and Post Rock. Egyptronica, as he's coined it, has this hardcore Metal feel to it using synths and traditional instrument sounds.

Finally another debut at CJC, Swag Lee, the alias of ZULI, will be performing a monster Hip Hop set. Three different artists, one sexy frequency of sounds.

Book for this night at Cairo Jazz Club online at