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I Was Inducted By Myth DyreKtion

A few days ago, Timmy Mowafi received the strangest, most enigmatic message from a masked man who referred to himself as Myth DyreKtion, along with his 30-minute track "Lore." What followed can only be described as legend in the making…

Now, I receive quite a lot of sets and tracks to check out on a daily basis for publishing on SceneNoise. 90% are circa-2011 Deep House mixes, 5% rappers rapping on downloadable loops and the rest are solid productions ranging across all genres. On one fateful night last week, I received something the likes of which I had never seen before. It was a message from Myth DyreKtion who's profile picture and aesthetic is essentially Blue Man Group as cast in 8-Mile.

An anonymous Egyptian music producer, who despite betraying traces of dyslexia in his name, seemed anything but in a four page dossier describing his "search for one soul that holds the capacity to understand the collateral of my actions. I have chosen you, an individual who shows such creative intensity that I not only admire, but trust."

I was incredibly flattered that this mystery man with a spandex blue onesie and a thesaurus had chosen me, a lowly human man, to "send word to the world and take the myth to the hearts and minds of humans." Continuing his prophetic DJ rhetoric, he explained "I have suffered in silence for too long as I watched these virtual disc jockeys and so called musicians destroy the very integrity of the music. Give the crowds a man for a DJ and they will follow, give them more than just a man and they shall bow."

In the early hours of the morning with my laptop screen illuminated, I was bathed in a pious light and I was ready, right there and then, to bow down to my new leader. If God is a DJ, then that DJ is, apparently, Myth DyreKtion.

After finally finishing his superfluous introduction, which also stated that he may be the re-incarnation of a long gone legendary musician, he suggested we meet. But "you will never see my face. You will listen to me speak but never hear my voice," he declared. At this point in my life I wasn't willing to indulge in a meet and greet with a Tamagotchi, so I went ahead and "chose the blue pill over the red one" as he put it, and clicked play on the track he sent me, entitled "Lore."

It was essentially a 30 minute Dub-step track with sporadic euphoric vocals.

I mean it has good production value and some creative moments. He insisted it was not Dub-step, but "Dream or Love-Step," and that his "window of resonance lore is only the beginning, 002 might be Techno, drone or even Deep Electronica, I am hybrid music I am not a genre!" Who was I to argue, as the first of Myth's disciples it was my duty to spread the word. So here we are...

What planet are you from?

Relativity is vital in regard to my derivative form now. I may yet be of this earth, simply a different time. Or maybe Steven Hopkins was right and super symmetry and parallel universes do exist... you never know. But said relevance resides in my current domicile embodiment.

You seem to be living in a dimension outside our realms, Mr.Blue Man. Why choose to reveal yourself now? Here? At this time?

I've been observing from a distance for so long as I roamed around an earthly star gate, which I came through into this earth seeing all sorts of defilement and displaced musical judgments in a scene based on popularity and connections. I was so eager to see a change, and even though the scene in Egypt recently has seen some amazing talents I've decided to follow Ghandi and try to be the change. Inherent synonyms bearing meaning akin and yet so diverse in nature. To proclaim that the entirety of this life’s complexities occur in perfect succession, correlating naturally towards a prevalent Elysium is the only way in which we can concern ourselves. The time is now and now is the time.

How would you describe your sound?

I have no sound. The only thing in common between the diverse genres I so passionately love is that they are all mainly electronically based. I don't like Dub-step yet Love-Step or Dream-Step, as I'd like to call it, is just something I see myself in, and that's why I chose it for the first resonance "Lore." I think Techno is God's gift to music. I cant recognize "Deep House," but some indie is amazing, and parts of Trance just seduce me.

When did you start making music?

I've been making music for years but only for my lone personal pleasure. I cant really go into too much details about this part, but lets just say I'm a student and I'm a fan and i'll never stop learning about how to make music.

What was the inspiration for "Lore"?

With global scenes resonating within repetitive, synonymous ‘genres’ and such definitive musical conduits it is essential to innovate, nay, try to elevate yourself and the masses. Out of the void entered Erebus. All else was empty, silent, endless, darkness. For me "Lore" was the answer.

What is your favorite mythical concept, character or story?

Are myths real? Are they tangible? Was Homer really there at the Illiada or the Odyssey? Was he himself a myth ? Was Achilles? Analyse any of those and you’ll find the stories of man drawn from the past, fantasised in the present and revered as fiction. The ultimate myth? That we are not all capable of achieving greatness above and beyond the existing parameters of whatever worldly confinement we lay ourselves in

What artists are you into?

I can give you a long list of individuals who inspire me, but ill just pick a few whom I'll always look up to: Mitis, Mahi, Eyes Everywhere and Reokil.

What captures your attention outside of music?

Is there anything really outside of music? Harmony is literally in every detail of life... you just have to stay quiet enough: to not just hear but listen.

Can you explain your disguise?

Simply a mask and a black hood. If you've seen the show Green Arrow you'll have an idea of what I'm going for.

What do you feel are the biggest issues plaguing Egypt's DJs and music scene today?

That is the right question, as it sums up the entire derivative of the causality behind me launching such a project while hiding my face... even though there are some truly gifted musicians in Egypt now, the majority of what goes around is merely a popularity contest, so whomever has more Friends and followers or brings more people into a club (which btw is understandable if you're looking at the financial aspects of the industry) or knows the right people gets to be a star. But this isn't how this industry is supposed to be... not even close. Money corrupts music and musicians. I chose to do this to try and prove that people can follow a person just for music and nothing else!

You said you may be the reincarnation of a long gone musician... if so, what musician were you in a past life?

I was Caetano Veloso, who co-founded Tropicalia, the progressive poetry, theater and music movement that helped define Latin America's psychedelic scene in the '60s.

Do you plan on playing live anywhere soon?

This project is still in its very early stages, but yea I'm planning on playing, and I'm thinking Vent as a start, if they'll have me. I truly believe this place has magical powers.

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