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Islam Chipsy and Sweasy Will be Wishing You a Very Shaabi Christmas at Cairo Jazz Club This Year

Have a very shaabi Christmas at Cairo Jazz Club this year!

Ahmed Sweasy and Islam Chipsy gear up to hit Cairo Jazz Club’s Sha3bi Xmas night on December 24th. No doubt sha3bi as a genre has become an integral part of Egypt’s music scene, finding support from people of all walks of life. Plus, when it comes to Islam Chipsy and Sweasy, you can rest assured that their music is as artistic and entertaining as any other genre.What most people don't realise is that sha3bi music and mahraganat aren't the same thing. Sha3bi is the main genre, while mahraganat is a sub genre that started fiveor six years ago. Maharaganat artists have been flying abroad to showcase their sound in several European countries, too.Islam Chipsy - in case you didn't already know - is shaabi's leading keyboardist, while Sweasy is currently one of the best shaabi vocalists in the country. Together they will combine forces - like they've done many times before at CJC - to give you a full package, with live music and vocals. Both 100 Copies signed artists, we know that they will not waiver on quality when the day comes on the 24th of this month. CJC remains at the forefront of live music in Egypt, supporting and showcasing different talents from all different musical backgrounds. 

Find CJC's event page here and follow them on Facebook here.