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Jordanian Project 4NX aims to Bridge Geographical and Cultural Gaps with Dance Music

Their next musical exchange brings in Spanish tech house talent Lexlay on Thursday, November 9 - with local support in the shape of Avidbold, Etchar and Raed.

Our Arab region today is witnessing an increase in the number of talented promoters trying to develop their brands and parties. Lately we have seen a crossing of borders through music, through massive events, attracting artists and attendees from all over the world. We have seen how promoters have been able to deliver the global dance music experience on a world class level while adding an inherently Arab twist to it. One company though has been doing things differently.

4NX is an abbreviation for the words ‘foreign exchange’ and as the name suggests the brand is all about cross cultural experiences. Founder and Managing Partner Ameed Mughrabi and his co-founder, second Managing Partner and fiancé Sara Banna told us “basically we are two partners in this project,” they continue “one of us [Ameed] is a DJ and sound expert who started his career 10 years ago.” The other half, Banna has been part of international dance music for 12 years now, telling us “I hosted my first after party in Timisoara, Romania before moving to Italy while touring Europe, continuing my career.” 

Previous events saw Lebanese dance music mogul Ahmed Ajam aka maDJam fly to Tuscany for their 4NX002 - Lebanon x Italy event. Prior to that, Ibiza Global Radio sent Jose Maria Ramon as part of their 4NX001 - Ibiza x Amman proceeding. Most notably - our favourite 4NX party of the season - 4NX003 - Romania x Jordan had Kool & Akadela fly over from Romania to play at a transformed location with custom ceiling light fixtures and a massive sound system - one of the biggest hits in Amman this season.Their upcoming event, Thursday November 9th, will be bringing Spanish tech house spinner Lexlay to a never before used location, which is being hailed as the biggest indoor venue to host such a gig in Amman - or Jordan for that matter: Klubgate. Much like previous events this one is being coded as a cultural transaction, a Barcelona x Amman exchange, number 004 to be exact. Support on the bill comes courtesy of Jordanian power houses Avidbold and Raed, as well as Etchar who has been gaining a sizeable following lately.

It seems that both partners have heaps of experiences under their belts. Mughrabi’s past work for pro sound and light companies and years of clubbing experience as a DJ and dance music patron, plus Banna’s connections and experiences in Europe, poises this partnership to carry out its vision of bridging cultural gaps through dancing and music.

For more info check out 4NX’s event page and follow them here for regular updates.