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Egyptian Musician JuneO Is Making Waves All the Way from Tampa, Florida

Egyptian artist JuneO is one to look out for.

After starting out DJing and recording songs only every now and then, JuneO joined the Red Beats annual DJ competition, finishing up in a tight runner up spot and nearly taking the prize. Omar Battawi aka JuneO is a true example of a one-man music show. Producer, lyricist, rapper, and DJ - amongst other musical vocations - Battawi is an Egyptian music power house.

His move to the US saw him release work that received acclaim by the some of the best players in the industry globally, gaining experience and now releasing a massive amount of tracks and video clips under his belt.

His music is fresh with a touch of vintage, old-school rhythm and flow that captivates the listener, dismissing any argument that might try to pin Battawi down as an Egyptian artist. JuneO has created music that established him as an international artist competing on a global level, with a persistent stream of high quality output that can rival the cream of the crop of the current global music scene - listen for yourself.

"The single is part of a growing online playlist of music I've self written, produced, mixed and mastered called Stay Curious, partly inspired by Tampa's local art scene. Featured, you can also find my latest single, Pour More. Very happy to say the song has received support from one of Drake's main multi-platinum selling producers, Vinylz," said JuneO when asked on the grand scheme of things of which this falls under.

Follow JuneO on Soundcloud here for more tunes and check out his Facebook for regular updates.