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We catch up with Misty & Hafez to talk about everything except music.

We asked Misty & Hafez – one of Cairo’s best-loved DJing duos – to pop by the CairoScene offices to talk about gay chiwawas, running away with CP30 and how Hafez misses his old spinning companion Moody. This is, unfortunately, Music Matters…

Is it really possible for a DJ to save your life… last night?

Misty: Yeah, maybe!

Don’t be scared, there is no right answer..

Misty: You just have to take control of your life, I mean if someone says we are shit I will prove that we’re not.

Misty, is it true that you have an unhealthy relationship with your gay Chiwawa?

Misty: Let me just get this straight, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding this dog. It’s my sister’s dog, I just have to look after it and he’s not gay!

So guys, do you think you’re Swedish House Mafia?

Hafez: I think we have the potential to be.

Misty, we heard you started out your DJing career at little girls’ parties… 

Misty: No. Who told you that? I used to DJ for friends’ parties when I was at school.

OK,  now tell us the truth, who is the brains behind the operation?

Misty: Who do you think is the brains?

You didn’t come here to ask the questions. Are you confused about how this dynamic is supposed to work? When did you both start spinning properly and not just for little girls…

Misty: My cousin got his first DJ set and I thought it was really cool so I started spinning at birthday parties. I met Hafez at a party in Maadi once, we got along, so I asked him over to my house to make some music.

Hafez: Our first gig was at Le Deck a few years back at one of  organiser Karim Attalah’s first parties. I guess that’s when we officially began spinning together. But I actually personally started in 2007 playing with another friend of mine called Moody!

Would it have been Moody & Hafez?

Hafez: Well yeah it was. We had fun that night, and I knew this was my destiny.

Why don’t you bring back Moody?

Hafez: He got bored of playing.

Do you  have any arguments?

Misty: No not arguments, but we disagree sometimes.

What is the best club in the world in your opinion?

Misty: Mansion in Miami.

OK,  so let’s say the owner of Mansion came up to you and said, “You know what, I heard your stuff and I want to make you resident DJ but I only want  Misty.”  What would you do?

Misty: What would you say? (asking Hafez)

Hafez:  We started this thing as Misty & Hafez so I don’t think I would do it without Misty.

What if  they said they’d give you a million dollars? 

Hafez: I don’t think of the money…

You would really say no?

Hafez: I would really say no…

So basically Hafez, you’d fuck up the opportunity for Misty? 

Hafez: If Misty said he really wanted to do it, I would let him go I guess…

Misty: I would fucking do it. I’m not that loyal to Hafez!

Hafez, what were your golden moments as Moody & Hafez?

Hafez: We played together for less than a year but it was a beautiful time.

Do you miss Moody & Hafez?

Hafez: We didn’t have any major experiences together.

Misty, do you ever get jealous of Moody?

Misty: No not at all.

Does it feel awkward when Moody comes to one of your gigs?

Hafez: He actually ruined our last gig because he was drunk and pressed pause in the middle of a set. We don’t know why he did that. When I asked him what the hell he was doing he really didn’t have an answer.  He just looked sad and walked off…

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while spinning… 

Hafez: We were playing at a birthday party, a small thing for a friend, and this guy comes and saysmom ken teshaghal El Morge7a, so I put my head down and stared at him, and said, shoof 7ad tany yemraga7ak. 

Which DJs in Egypt do you respect the most?

Hafez: Hisham Zahran

What was your favorite gig in Egypt?

Misty: The first proper gig we ever did was an amazing night at the Cairo Jazz Club. Samba was supposed to spin but he was was still stuck in Turkey so we got a call from him asking, “Guys can you cover for me?” Nobody knew it was us playing, and it was a fucking good night!

If you could buy one item on what would it be?

Misty: Panda shoes.

Hafez: Not panda shoes.

What’s your favorite restaurant at the Semiramis InterContinental Hotel? (sponsored question)

Misty : The Grill

Biggest thing that’s happened to you guys?

Misty: After playing with CrazIbiza in Gouna we did a mash up with them and it got  charted and everything. They currently play it in all there sets which is pretty cool!

Do you think Egyptian DJs can really make it abroad? 

Misty: Of course look at Aly & Fila!

Lets say Misty contracted a disease from his gay Chiwawa and died,  would you still call yourself Misty & Hafez?

Hafez: Yes.

Misty do you ever feel like choosing between Brock and Ash?

Misty: Oh here we go… listen the name Misty was given to me by force. I know it’s the same as the female character in Pokémon but it was actually a German friend I had when I was a kid that gave me the name because he couldn’t pronounce Moustafa. And it just stuck…

So Hafez, what’s the thing that you miss the most about Moody?

Hafez : His cheeks, they were so chubby and nice, not like Misty’s. (Looks at Misty in disgust.)

Misty: You’re hurting my feelings bro.

This is Moody of the former DJ duo, Moody & Hafez

Would you guys ever consider doing a remix of Lara Scandar’s Falling Out Of Love?

Hafez: Hahahha, Lara is a very good friend, and I completely think that song would work as a remix. I’m waiting for her to send me the elements…

Are you guys planning on getting real jobs?

Hafez: We are students.

Misty: Hafez has no future.

What’s your favorite Pokémon?

Hafez: The dangerous lion with the gold card.

Hafez, that is not a Pokémon, you are just saying words. How about you Misty?

Misty: Charmander

What music do you guys listen to when you’re not spinning?

Misty: Everything apart from House music.

Hafez: Only House but there is all kinds of House…

Name the type of houses..

Hafez: Duplex, townhouse, Misty and Hafez house..

If you could play with any DJ in the world who would it be?

Misty: Maceo Plex

Hafez: Joris Voorn

Is there anywhere you wouldn’t play?

Misty: I saw a sign on the way over here which said The Best Khalieeji DJs in Egypt, El Regina. I probably would not play there.

The best Khalieeji DJs in Egypt at El Regina, bookings soon on

Who are the best  Khalieeji  DJs in Egypt?

Hafez: Misty and Hafez.

Misty: Moody and Hafez.

What would you give up Djing for?

Hafez: Mila Kunis.

Misty: Natalie Portman in Star Wars, oufff!

Are you a Jedi or Sith?

Hafez: I don’t like Star Wars!

Misty: Hafez is a fucking  douchebag he doesn’t like StarWars. 

Why don’t you remix the Star Wars theme tune?

Misty: Being a diehard fan that would ruin it for me.

Favorite star wars character?

Misty: C3PO

Would you play a gig with C3PO instead of Hafez?

Misty: That would be my dream.

So you would start a love affair with an effeminate robot from Star Wars? Would that be to get back at Hafez for Moody & Hafez?

Misty: Yes, I would!

Any last words? 

Hafez: I miss Moody…