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Maciek: Get Ready for Polish Techno

This Friday, an intergalactic trip awaits you at Cairo Jazz Club where Techno-naut DJ Maciek will be bringing his unique sets to the turntables alongside local favourite DJ Samy.

On Friday, November 7th Cairo Jazz Club opens its doors to the international Polish DJ Maciek, bound to fill the floor with his experimental Techno set. Originally part of the Polish Techno duo AABZU, Maciek and his partner Lukasz have been packing out clubs around the world since 2002. After the release of their album The Shape of Lost Things, their sets were played at festivals all around Europe, including Unsound, Electro-Mechanics, WRO and MPM, officially making AABZU a name to remember in the continental Techno scene. The following album Rambo, released in 2010, progressed from its predecessor to feature a more colourful and diverse sound. Critics celebrated Rambo so much so that January 2014's It Came From Outer Space was highly anticipated by fans and critics. This time, the name promised a sound that would set its listeners on a trip to infinity and beyond - and they kept this promise by utilising cosmic beats and more drastic bass lines. Undoubtedly, this sound influenced Maciek to discover his own sound which will explore the cosmos of Techno soundscapes at Cairo Jazz Club on Friday. His solo sets are a mix of Ambient and Micro Techno, perfectly setting up a night of rave. His solo album, Clouds continued the theme of choosing an album name that describes the sound, featuring a diverse mix as temperamental and changing as the weather; from a dark and gloomy sound, Maciek takes his listeners to a relaxing spring day. On top of that, the album released on Maciek's birthday in February 2013 explored a new territory, abandoning the intense glitch of the out of space days of AABZU to discover relaxation and meditation with a rich Techno tone. His sound convinced the hardcore ravers of Europe and now it is ready to transform Cairo into Techno bliss. 

After Maciek, Cairo DJ Ahmed Samy will take over the decks, continuing the diverse exploration of Techno sounds. Having made a name for himself on the scene already he is no stranger to the foreign Techno scene as well. He has taken his DJing skills as far as New York City where his classical approach of using turntables to mix his tracks has captured the hearts of after-hours partiers. On Friday it is Cairo's turn to be shot into space with two Techno experts who know how to light up the crowds all over the world.

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