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Video: Maryam & Zeid Release New Music Video for Youyou

The first single off their new album Halawella comes complete with a kitsch animated video, reworking a Sheikh Imam classic.

Last week we’re given an exclusive opportunity to hear Maryam & Zeid debut album Halawella released by Arab indie label, Mostakell. Originally, we were told that we could stream it two days before the official album release, however due to its popularity we were told we can stream it for the rest of the week. Becoming the gift that keeps giving, Maryam & Zeid have just released the first video for the track Youyou promoting their new album which is officially available to buy.

Youyou was originally a song composed by Sheikh Imam and written by legendary poet Ahmed Fouad Negm. Bringing new life to this once-banned track, Maryam & Zeid transform it into their own re-envisioning the track using Maryam's uniquely raspy vocals, over a bedrock of Electro Pop beats, modernising the forgotten classic.

Emphasising the beauty of Ahmed Fouad Negm’s lyrics, the video is mainly text based, creatively displaying the lyrics, with an occasional animated, shirtless fat man dancing and clapping to the beat. At no time do Maryam or Zeid make an appearance in the video, but then again this track isn’t about branding their image, but rather commemorating the memory of icons Sheikh Imam and Ahmed Fouad Negm, who bravely wrote music for the masses so powerful it was banned by authorities. In this day and age, it is important to remember artists who challenge the status quo, as meaningful change seldom emerges from silence. All in all, it is a great interpretation of a classic, well worth the listen.

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