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Msylma: Making Techno Straight Outta Mecca

Scouring through the Internet - because, you know, we do that from time to time - we stumbled across Msylma, the artist from Mecca that has been making waves with his Techno.

The holiest city in the Islamic world is exporting Techno music in the form of Msylma - the anonymous producer out of Mecca whose playlist was featured on Vent’s music blog, and who is now making waves through the international Electronic music scene.

Ambient Techno with a touch of lo-fi grittiness makes up most of Msylma’s playlist. Wait, did Msylma call it Trance?! We're certain he called it Trance in one of the playlist's tags. Why would he call it Trance if it clearly sounds like Techno? Beats us, but since all the tracks in the playlist were produced by him, he can call it whatever he wants.

What is of particular note regarding this artist is that many of the tracks in his playlist have titles which reference the Qu'ran in some form; relating religion to Techno is an unusual - and potentially controversial - approach. The track carrying the playlist's name, Aksamto B Mawake’ Al Noggom (And I Swore by The Positions of The Stars) is a 17-and-a-half-minute long, slow evolving track that is wondrously experimental. Flipping through the playlist, we were stopped by Zel Taht Shagaret Al-Zakoom (Shade Under The Zakoom Tree) - a tree which is mentioned in the holy book. The rest of the playlist is equally interesting, each track with a unique and captivating title.

All in all, the playlist is not for everyone as it is pretty experimental with some very, very obscure parts.