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OneRoofStore - Where Musicians' Dreams Come True

Imagine all your musical needs were just a click away. Fady Effat's OneRoofStore takes the hassle of traveling or dealing with customs for ordering professional gear with a one-stop-online-shop right here in Cairo.

Three years ago, Fady Effat embarked on the never-ending mission of every musician; the elusive equipment hunt. Keeping an eye on the world through the internet, Effat managed to find the right gear for his needs but he couldn’t find what he wanted here in Egypt. Anyone who’s bought something online from abroad and tried to have it shipped here knows it’s a nightmare and quickly Effat couldn’t help but fill the gap himself. And thus OneRoofStore was born – a one-stop-online-shop for all the musical equipment you can think of – and it’s based right here in Egypt.

All of Egypt’s musicians and audiophiles know the difficulties of  getting the equipment they want and dream of and end up buying alternatives because they couldn’t find the perfect piece for their workflow. Having grouped all the products under one roof  – hence, the name – Effat has managed to have finally solved the eternal dilemma. Having facilitated the process through an online store where you can just click everything you want and have it delivered to your door, OneRoofStore provides excellent service with plenty of payment methods to fit any customer.

We hit to see what all the fuss is about, and we can safely say it's eye-candy for every musician. They have lots of exclusive products, like the VATER drumsticks, and all the necessary equipment for you to be the next Armin van Buuren (or Hans Zimmer, your pick). They currently have over 3000 products and they won't stop at that. If you have a specific product in mind, OneRoofStore will get it for you or direct you to where you can get it because…. it's all under one roof, right? 

OneRoofStore doesn’t just stop at providing musicians with all high-end pro gear, they also provide top-tier sales advice for all those in confusion about which is better and which would suit their more. "Sometimes we give our clients a cheaper option because we know it'll be better for their workflow; because a five-inch speaker would do a lot better in a small room than an eight-inch one, although the eight-inch is almost double the price. See, we don’t really care about profit as much as we care about customer satisfaction," Effat says. 

What's surprising though is that they provide this valuable consultation for free which really indicates the good will they come with and the goal they're after. "We want to be the number one online audio store in the Middle East and that's not going happen without stellar client satisfaction," Effat reiterates. They also do system installments from PA systems to small audio set-ups they’ve already achieved as they’ve worked with many churches, studios and villas.

"We're looking forward to build a community, not just an online store; a place where all the musicians, sound engineers and audiophiles can refer to and share knowledge, reviews and experiences," Effat says passionately. They also provide vouchers in case you want to send one as A VERY CONSIDERATE gift to any musician friend; contrary to common belief, musician aren't anywhere near filthy rich, so a OneRoofStore voucher would be the equivalent of sending some of your grandma's kahk to the cookie monster.

“We're Visa certified and we also have a partnership with the Ahly Bank to assure a 100% secured money transfer. The contract with the bank strictly says that every client has to sign a delivery receipt/ saying that they confirm receiving their package, otherwise, the payment won't be made," assure Effat, adding that all customers are entitled to free of charge replacements should anything arrive faulty, as well as full warranty and repair services.

Check out their Facebook page here.