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Prolific Egyptian DJ and Producer Mark Youssef’s New Single 'More Than You Know'

We got a copy of Frisky Radio resident Mark Youssef’s new single 'More Than You Know' produced alongside Novikoff including a remix by One Opinion.

In the past ten years a DJ, Egyptian born and raised, managed to break through to the international scene whilst based right here at home. Frisky Radio resident Mark Youssef is not only a DJ, but a prolific producer who just released a fantastic single on Pro-B-Tech Music entitled More Than You Know, with a remix by One Opinion included. 

A muffled lead, a resounding drum line, and a swelling bass all appear early on in the track. White noise is used appropriately to define certain clauses of each section. The synth lead is stagnant at first, but is unleashed during the break, that brings in a massive bass line resonating through the piece. The track's hindquarters employ several variations on the percussion, with a one shot siren on call. Cue in more bass play, some fills, another break, and the same soundscape as the first half. It slows down, and peels off. The remix is an exuberant take on the original. It starts with a fornicating arpeggiated synth that flirts if only for a second with a back up. A rolling bass line takes centre stage as it is unleashed on the track, leading the way to the first percussive drop. A sub bass playing a short line compliments the main bass line, before a swelling pad relays in more percussive work - we’re still at minute two of the song.The initial break delves deep, the drop lets loose a desolate synth lead, relaying with the formerly introduced sub. Mini breaks define the remix's hindquarters and lead to the grooviest of percussive drops - high hats abound. It ends just as swiftly as it began, a well rounded release on all parts.

Follow Mark Youssef on Facebook here and on Soundcloud for more tunes.