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SceneSounds Vol. 10: Hassan Abdeltawab

A fresh edition of SceneSounds by a new addition to the CairoScene team, our newest member Hassan Abdeltawab shares with you his favourite tracks.

Ex-high school teacher and newfound CairoScene writer Hassan Abdel Tawab receives the honourary role of curating our weekly playlist, SceneSounds. At it's 10th volume this week, SceneSounds has grown from the shy kid on the block of publication playlists to a bustling cornucopia of musical knowledge. Or so we think. Amongst its 10 volumes so far, you will find music for every taste and tracks from every genre (except for khabt). Why, just this volume, Hassan graced us with a playlist that differs from all the other previous ones - not necessarily in the style or genre of the music itself, but in the fact that most of the songs are covers. Some songs you might know; most of them you've probably heard before. The playlist is mostly pop music, something you don't often get from CairoScene. Anyway, you probably stopped reading by now and are already listening to the list. If so then good for you, you're smart; if you're still reading, press play already. Kick back and enjoy, NOW!