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Seashell Beats: Sebzz

In the second edition of our collaboration with Seashell Beats - the music masters taking charge of bringing you the sizzling soundtrack to your summer - we talk beach parties and road trip tunes with sensational spinner Ahmed El Sebai aka Sebzz...

The next in line for our series of interviews for our collab with Seashell Beats and their kickass new app, is none other than Cairo’s renowned DJ and Nacelle’s popular resident Ahmed El Sebai aka Sebzz. For years he would be the one in front of the decks, eyes closed, moving in unison with the music until 2013 when he took a step forward, to be the man behind the decks. Since then Sebzz has lit up the Cairo nightlife with his vast lexicon of music for every mood, specialising in House and Techno. His flair, modesty, and free spirit are eternally appreciated and quite apparent when he answers our series of questions... 

What’s your summer vacation spot of choice?


What’s the best thing about beach parties?

Sunset tracks are always special.

What’s the worst thing about beach parties?

Trying to find something you lost in the sand after the party.

What’s the best setlist to listen to on the beach?

I like to listen to an artist called NU - This one is my favourite.

What’s the best record to listen to on the road?

A loud melodic one, such as this.

Who’s your favourite local & favourite international DJ?

Local: Hisham Zahran. International: John Talabot

List 3 items you can’t go on a summer vacation without?

IPOD, sunglasses, and a good friend.

What makes the summer special?

Summer festivals by the beach. 

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