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Sharmoofers Release New Music Video With Drugs, Gambling, and Scantly Dressed Girls

Lines of cocaine, a man with a tendency for gambling, and a lot of hot models.

Easy Money is always on everyone's mind - even rich people, because unlike hard-earned money, one can spend it on meaningless things without feeling any guilt. The difference is that with hard-earned money, you automatically value any purchase with the amount of days you'll have to work to pay it off. With easy money, however, no one has to work at all, hence a tendency to splurge on meaningless purchases.

Sharmoofers in their new video look like they are the kings of meaningless spending, up to their knees in booze, and hot models - not to mention the gambling. Their song for the new movie Bank El 7az, aptly called Easy Money, tells the story of someone that loves to gamble. It tells the listener what to do with their easy money, and warns them of the pitfalls - check out the full music video below.