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Single Review: Hassan Abou Alam's 'Drastic Measures'

Hassan Abou Alam is back for a second round on Cologne’s revered Traum Records.

It would be a crime to still call Hassan Abou Alam a local act following the reputation he managed to build for himself after adding a string of successful international releases to his name. His tracks were annexed to labels like MIDI Life, Rapid Fire, Trioxyde and most recently Traum Schallplatten, including his name with the likes of Minilogue, Gabriel Ananda, Max Cooper, Dubspeeka, Cosmic Cowboys, and Dominik Eulberg. After releasing his track Generative Dialogue to their Tour De Traum XII compilation in 2016, Abou Alam returns to the Cologne based label with Drastic Measures, featured on the 13th edition of the compilation.A new direction is apparent in his sound, yet it manages to remain familiar by carrying over similarities from his previous work; the dark and driving samples that he has come to be known for. Drastic Measures is repetitive with an unorthodox acid drive to it. The track features an oscillating synth line, overlaid by delicate and pristine high hats. Moving on towards the break, distant and haunting piano notes start appearing, adding to the established suspense with a rather ominous atmosphere. A remarkable piece of work, further cementing Abou Alam's reputation as an integral part of the local scene and an ever growing contributor to international underground music.

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