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Single Review: Shady Noor & Salma El Fawal Remix Beyoncé's Crazy in Love

Shady Noor and Salma El Fawal collaborate on this fantastic new remix, putting a weird, slightly scary, twist to the hit song by Beyonce.

Who is Salma El Fawal and why the fuck did we not hear of her before? Well some of us might have heard about her, but, honestly, this must be the first time we give her a proper listen. Her voice comes with enough soul and emotion to send forth a massive adrenaline rush that makes you tingle when you hear a good track. She should be singing at Carnegie Hall, or the Hollywood Bowl, or something. Well, she’s got Shady Noor with her, and that should make up for something; after all, every female singer in Egypt would dream of singing to his music.Shady Noor is an Egyptian underground multi-talented performance artist who, although his undeniable talent would rather stay away from the limelight. Noor is the mastermind behind the production, recording, mixing, and mastering of this track; he took the original song and reinterpreted it into an eerie, almost haunting composition. The instrumental of the song alone is capable of giving you goose bumps. Although Noor himself sings, he sticks to playing only in this song. The collaboration of two such artists, both extremely talented and capable of their art, would surely ensure nothing less than awesome.

Salma El Fawal’s Soundcloud is chock-full of goodies; pay her a visit and check more of her stuff. Shady’s Soundcloud is also a fantastic compilation of different songs that you should definitely check out.