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Single Review: Zahed Sultan's Cake & Butter

New music available from Kuwaiti multimedia artist Zahed Sultan; we listen to and review his take on alternative rock.

Active since 2011, Kuwaiti multimedia artist Zahed Sultan managed his success in the music business in a very short time. Touring internationally, he visited several countries delivering his take on alternative and electronic music and collaborated with the Red Bull Music Academy several times after attending Bass Camp in Dubai. Cake & Butter is the RBMA alum’s attempt at alternative rock – a rather successful one if we do say so ourselves. Acrobatic heirs lead the way into Sultan’s latest piece. The lyrics are very abstract, immensely poetic, no real message is being pushed though.Sultan is singing about this girl who brings him cake and butter and wants to meet his mother. In the first verse, boxers are fighting in a ring, erotic GoGo dancers are wearing diamond-encrusted pearls, and apparently it's springtime. The second verse continues with the abstract frenzy that is this song, with debonair maidens wearing fur coats to warm their behinds, a stranger knocking on the door as cartoons are playing on the television, and Sultan insisting the girl cannot meet his mother. The technicalities of the piece are all on point – sound design, structure, and output quality are all executed to the highest standard, strengthening Sultan’s rapidly expanding discography.

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