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The House of Sebzz II

After last week's brilliant, bass-banging set, Ahmed El Sebai is back with the perfect playlist for the long weekend...

If we’re all riding the Khabt wave here in Egypt then Sebzz (Ahmed El Sebai) is the fucking Island of House. We have never met anyone so in-tune with what makes a man get up off the sofa, snap out of his stupor and start grooving like his life depended on it. His track selections when it comes to EDM, particularly Deep House, are the best we’ve heard and he’s recently just started mixing himself. There’s no doubt in our minds that Sebzz will soon be a Household name, pun intended, on the CairoScene so next time you have a house party or you're at an after party and the hack job DJ with a USB full of Beatport’s latest releases pushes his way onto the CDJs, snort, push him out of the way and press play on the House of Sebzz - a weekly playlist or mix released exclusively on SceneNoise, just in time for the weekend.

This week instead of a mix, he's put together for us a playlist of tunes that are more mellow. Chilled out Deep House for you to get up or down or round and round to. Enjoy some light khabt... This is the Other Side of Sebzz:

Listen to last week's set here.