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SceneSounds Vol. 3: Skot Thayer

Our music series SceneSounds, where one member of the team picks 10 tracks to get you through the week, returns with a playlist from our resident metalhead Skot Thayer. He promises it won't scare the crap out of everyone. We're trusting him.

In our series, SceneSounds, we CairoSceners rotate amongst us the chance to create a playlist of 10 tracks you should take a listen to. I tried really hard to make an accessible, broad playlist of music that I really love and other 'regular people' might actually enjoy too. The result is a blend of progressive tunes, covering the spectrum from Space Country and Pink Floyd-esque jams into some mind-melting tracks and some just plain weirdness. No DJs, no popular artists, and no brutal technical Death Metal either. Sit back, pop on some headphones, maybe light something on fire if that's your thing, and enjoy.