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Vent Resident $$$TAG$$$'s Set on Boiler Room

The global home of underground electronic music taps VENT Resident $$$TAG$$$ for its new mix series. Asem Tag gets shamelessly self-indulgent for Boiler Room's "Residents' Hour".

Being hailed by Boiler Room as “one of the best new clubs in the world”, VENT, in the couple of years it’s been around, has become the name synonymous with underground electronic music in Cairo. Last year, Resident Advisor sent down its team to cover the club, then based at Kasr El Nil in Downtown and after a short hiatus and a triumphant return, VENT seems to be going from strength to strength, with last weekend’s afterparty for Labyrinths/Matahat solidifying its status as a revolutionary concept in the stifling Egyptian scene.

At 1:04 mins, VENT resident $$$TAG$$$ goes beyond the Resident’s Hour with a transformative self-indulgent mix, taking as many weird turns as one could imagine with Asem Tag in the mix. You get the pleasure of hearing unreleased cuts by some of Egypt's finest producers including ZULI, Bosaina, Ismael, and some of his own sounds, as well as selections from innovative international producers such as S Olbricht, Shinoby, Delroy Edwards and Oneohtrix Point Never.

“Last year I found myself taking over resident Ahmed Samy’s duties temporarily, but it stretched out to be a good bulk of the season. Samy was on warm up and closing duties for most of the bigger club nights, on which people would naturally start showing up at 11 PM, although the music always started at 10 sharp. So during that hour, playing to myself, the bar staff and occasionally an enthusiastic friend or two, things always got a bit weird, totally spaced out, non-dance-floor oriented and shamelessly self indulgent. This mix here is no different,” said Asem Tag.

For a club and community that talks little, and does much, Boiler Room choosing VENT for its second installment of their mix series is no surprise, as the team’s reputation has brought some of the most relevant names working in music today through its doors, from Terreke, Huerco S., Ben UFO, to showcasing prominent labels as Opal Tapes, and Lobster Theremin.

“A big part of what we intend Residents’ Hour to be about is spotlighting scenes and talents that our cameras haven’t got a chance to reach (yet). Cairo’s VENT has been on our radar for a while now. Their mission to provide a safe, dependable haven amongst a difficult political climate is, at heart, deeply commendable.”

Check out the Soundcloud link below, and the feature on here.