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10 Enigmatic Marketplaces to Visit in Egypt

Between the smell of incense and the selection of Arabesque souvenirs, these marketplaces make for an afternoon stroll through Egyptian history you wouldn’t want to miss.

You haven’t really had the full cultural experience in Egypt unless you’ve gotten lost in one of its unique marketplaces. Between the smell of incense and the selection of Arabesque souvenirs, these marketplaces make for an afternoon stroll through history you wouldn’t want to miss…


Dating back to 1382, this gem is situated in the middle of Islamic Cairo. Placing the city’s rich history at the centre of its composition, this market is home to Cairo’s largest silver market, so free up some jewellery space ahead of your trip. 


Pinned to the walls of Azbakeya gardens is Cairo’s largest collection of books. With 130 stalls in total, nothing slips out of this book market’s peripheral vision. It's affordable and it serves as the perfect daytime date - where you can freely romanticise your life to Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence - and shop your woes away. 



After your beachy escapades, Sharm El Sheikh-based market is your go-to destination for all things antiquities, souvenirs, and those sand-filled camels - kids and adults alike - eye from time to time. 


Just south of the Bab Zuweila gate, this local architectural gem is where you can refurbish your home and immerse yourself in the embroidered land of Al Khayameya Market. 


Think Khan El Khalili but like more affordable and less heavy in the gentrification. This Egyptian souq is where you can practice your bargaining skills all the while copping some mad cute scarves - and like insane amounts of peanuts - for you and all your friends and family. 


It’s all handmade leather goods and mother of pearl tables at Luxor Bazaar. The most lavish of our local markets, this tangible ode to Egyptian craftsmanship is the perfect destination for those looking for one-off pieces for their meticulously curated living spaces. 


It’s slightly chaotic but bear with us because this market quite literally has everything - with the exception of all those socks you’ve lost to your washing machine - but yes everything. 


Another great little middle ground for those who yes, want to fully succumb to the world of markets but like are also maybe Virgos who need NOT waste their time with materialistic concerns and also need intellectual stimulation, because it's smack-dab in the middle of Islamic Cairo.


Get your name necklace elevated with a hieroglyphs version, and maybe a cuff to match at Al Khanak bazaar on Pyraminds Hill Road. This all-things Ancient Egyptian market is ideal for geeking out on occasion upon Ra-inspired chokers.