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21 Amazing Getaways for the Long 6th of October Weekend

There's never been a better time to explore Egypt...

From music-fuelled adventures to magical meditative experiences - with the long 6th of October weekend right around the corner, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best-organized escapes across Egypt…


Djara Cave with Trekklers
Dates: Oct. 6th - Oct. 8th
Price: EGP 2,400
Adventure to Djara Cave, one of the most spectacular pre-historic sites in the Western Desert. Here you can find the rarest examples of rock art in the region, with perfectly preserved scenes of gazelles and other wild animals. Gaze in awe at the breathtaking dripstone roof of the cave formed by the crystal depositions over millions of years before camping at Crystal Mountain and visiting the Aqaba Desert and the hot water spring of Ain El Serw.

Black & White Desert with Trip Zone
Dates: Oct. 8th - Oct. 9th
Price: EGP 1,800
Head out to the surreal landscapes of the Black Desert and the White Desert between Bahariya and Farafra for a camping trip among its towering chalk formations and eerie black-capped mounds. Price includes one-night accommodation in a desert camp with equipment, transportation by bus, 4x4 safari, Trip Zone professional organiser, beverages during safari, all planned meals, all planned tours with Bedouin guide, entry fees to all planned sights, and a special Bedouin night.


Siwa with Trekklers
Dates: Oct. 6th - Oct. 9th
Price: EGP 4,200
This trip will bring travellers to the mystic oasis of Siwa, where they will be able to visit the salt lakes, Fatnas Island, Oracle of Amun, Cleopatra’s Water Spring, Shali Fortress, Bir Wahed, Jabal Dakrour, and Taghaghien Island, among many others sights.

Siwa with Gazef
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 4,900
Go on a desert safari, camp outdoors, sand-board, swim in the salt lakes and visit the recently-restored Shali Fortress in Siwa as well as the Mountain Of Dead, Temple of Amun & Iskander and Ain Cleopatra. Price includes bus from and to Cairo, three-night/four-day accommodation, all planned meals, and all excursions and activities.

Siwa with ChillOut
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 5,900
With the ethereal Taziry Eco-Villages as your base, experience a full day 4x4 safari to Shiyata Lake, a night at ‘Aman Yaqden’ hot water spring, and go for an unforgettable swim in the salt lakes. Price includes bus from and to Cairo, all planned meals, activities and excursions.

Siwa with Puzzle
Dates: Oct. 6th - Oct. 9th
Price: EGP 4,350
Bike off the beaten track, float in the magical salt lakes, and visit the ancient Shali Fortress. Go sand-boarding, visit the ancient Amun Temple, and go shopping in Siwa’s local marketplace. Price includes all transportation, three-night accommodation, all planned excursions, all planned meals, tickets, and a tour guide.

Siwa with Trip Zone
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 2,500
Every weekend, this local travel company takes visitors to camp out on the mesmerizing Taghaghien Island in the Siwa Oasis. Discover the desert terrains of the oasis and soak in the healing powers of its natural salt lakes.

Siwa with Stamps
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct 10th
Price: EGP 3,500
Float in the salt lakes in the morning and enjoy the hot springs at night, camp in the desert, and experience local food and culture. Watch the sunset in Taghaghien Island, visit the Mountain of the Dead, and go shopping in the local souq. Price includes transportation to and from Siwa, transfers within Siwa, and accommodation in double and triple rooms on a half-board basis. Groups of four or will be discounted to EGP 3,300 per person.

Retreat with Detox by Anni
Dates: Oct. 6th - Oct. 9th
Price: Upon application
Head to Adrere Amellal – the famed Siwan eco-lodge which has been frequented by the likes of Prince Charles, Usher, Katy Perry, and more – to detox at Anni’s health-focused retreat.


Taba with Disco Misr & Bongoz Drum Circle
Tour Company: Nomads
Dates: Oct. 6th - Oct. 9th
Travellers will be whisked off on a private charter plane from Cairo to Taba Heights for a weekend of high-octane, music-fuelled activities with loveable DJ duo Disco Misr, and Bongoz Drum Circle by Sharmoofer’s Ahmed Bahaa.

Meditation Retreat in Ain el-Sokhna with Lufthansa City Center Kadmar
Travel Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 9th
Price: EGP 7,500 to EGP 9,500
Join consciousness coach Mohamed S. Elghandour for a long weekend of inner healing and cognitive awareness.

Explore Dahab with Gazef
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 3,900
Rock-climbing, safaris over the dunes and an excursion to the Blue Lagoon all while experiencing Bedouin culture and cuisine. Price includes transportation to and from Dahab, internal transfers, accommodation, planned meals, Bedouin night and barbecue, as well as all excursions and activities.

Photography & Meditation in Dahab with Amira Ihab
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 5,500
Join travel photographer and yogi Amira Ihab for a meditative excursion by Dahab’s blue waters, where you will stay at Dyarna Hotel while learning about astrophotography, yoga and travel photography. Price includes three-night accommodation, bus from and to Cairo, all planned transfers, all planned meals and all planned activities.

Marsa Alam Nature Reserves with Gazef
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 4,900
Explore the natural splendour of Marsa Alam, from the thriving sea life and coral reefs of Wadi el Gemal National Park, to the endless beaches of Hankourab and Qulaan. You’ll even be able to swim with the dolphins. Price includes transportation to and from Marsa Alam, internal transfers, accommodation, planned meals, as well as all activities and excursions.

Marsa Alam Hidden Gems With Tripoholic
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 5,550
Visit Al Nayzak, Camel Valley, and the Qulaan Natural Reserve to snorkel, marvel at the mangrove trees, and ride off on a buggy safari. Price includes all on ground transfers, three-night accommodation based on full board meal plan, as well as all visits and permits during the trip.

Sailing in El Gouna with Puzzle
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 9th
Price: EGP 4,400
Go island hopping across the Red Sea whilst spotting coral reefs and dolphins. Get up-close-and-personal with the natural wonders of Tawila Island, Sha’ab El-Erg Coral Reef, Gota’at Elder Reef, and Bayooud. Price includes accommodation for two nights on-board the boat, all planned meals, all planned excursions, as well as kayaks, floats, and other similar equipment. Transport from and to Cairo can be arranged on request.

Roots of Joy Retreat with Sukun Studios
Dates: Oct. 6th - Oct. 9th
Price: EGP 7,000 - EGP 10,000
Absorb the beauty of Dahab while you harness the healing energies of vinyasa, yin yoga, and other aspects of yoga philosophy. Prices are based on what kind of room you book, ranging from triple Rooms for EGP 7,000 to Single Rooms for EGP 10,000. All prices are per person, and included accommodation, food, classes, and excursions.

Dahab Breathing Retreat with 7 Rays
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 5,800
Work on your breathing and reduce your insomnia with this Dahab retreat in Daniella Hotel, which includes voice healing circles, walking and dynamics meditation, yoga, and breathing classes. Price includes three-night accommodation and half-board meals. Flights and mini-bus bookings may be arranged on request.

Escape & Reboot Yoga Retreat with Egypsy
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 3,100 - EGP 3,500
Yoga, yacht, and ‘you time’ during Egypsy’s four-day retreat in Nuweiba and Dahab.


Lake Qarun Adventure with Wild Guanabana
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 9th
Price: EGP 3,000
Experience the Fox Valley, Petrified Forest, Basalt mines, Widan el Faras and Boulder Park. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some flamingos whilst birdwatching by the lake. Price is per person based on a group of six pax, and includes transportation from and to Cairo, planned meals, bottled water, Wild Guanabana leader, and 4x4 support vehicle.

4x4 Road Trip Through Fayoum & Bahariya with Desert Fox
Dates: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th
Price: EGP 5,200
This four-day 4x4 road trip through Fayoum and the Bahariya Oasis will take you to Wadi al Hitan (known for its giant whale fossils), Crystal Mountain, the Abu Sanan track, the hot springs, and the salt lake. Visit a camel farm, the Black and White Deserts with their stunning rock formations, and explore the Tombs of Golden Mummies. Price includes one night camping in Fayoum, one night hotel in Baharia Oasis, one night camping in the White Desert, three meals per day, all transfers, all planned activities, and all tickets.