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Alchemy of Egypt: A Spiritual Retreat Through Egypt's Sacred Sites

In September, the height of the Autumn equinox, Egyptian empowerment-photographer and film director @hausof.light will be taking 10 people on a journey that will transform the course of their lives.

The ancient land of Khemet, otherwise known as Egypt in modern times, has been calling people for centuries. There are countless teachings woven throughout Egypt and its vast expanse of sites and temples, shrouded in sanctity and magic. Ancient Egypt has much to teach us beyond the conventional history we are taught about this civilisation.

Have you ever wondered about the magic that lies within this rich nation? Now you can see for yourself. This September, at the height of the Autumn Equinox, Egyptian-British photographer and filmmaker Lara Maysa Ingram (@hausof.light) - who previously worked for the likes of Vice and the BBC - will be taking ten people on a spiritual 11-day retreat through the sacred sites of Egypt.

“It really came off the back of me taking myself on a very intentional, deep journey – a quest through the sites of Ancient Egypt,” Lara tells SceneTraveller. “I was going to satisfy my curiosity about the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian civilisation, as well as to discover things about myself, my heritage, ancestors and ancient lineage and all the magic and alchemy that to them, was simply the fundamental laws of the universe. I experienced deep shifts within myself on levels that blew me away.”

The purpose behind this retreat is not only for those who feel called to Egypt and want a deeper understanding of the ancient teachings of this incredible civilization but to also raise awareness of the sacred beauty of Egypt. The hope, Lara explains, is that Egyptians who come on this journey will have a newfound appreciation of what a privilege it is to be Egyptian. “People would kill for this heritage – and for many coming to visit the Pyramids for example is a once in a lifetime opportunity. As Egyptians, this is our backyard.” Lara says, sharing that this retreat has the “potential to be utterly life changing...for those who are open and ready for it.”

This is because the retreat will involve some pretty heavy spiritual stuff. Those who participate will have the opportunity to visit private temples not open to the public, and get private access inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, where a professional sound healer will attune participants’ frequencies to chord of F# – the frequency of the Great Pyramid itself, which incidentally is considered the throat chakra of the planet.
If this all sounds as intimidating as it sounds exciting, that’s because it is. Which is why the ten members who will participate have to go through an application process that involves a call with Lara herself.

“I’m being quite selective about who I bring on,” she noted. “This is a highly curated experience because it’s important that the energies of all those involved are aligned and will match. I also have to make sure those participating are prepared for what will occur. This type of work is not something you want to casually dabble in. It is of utmost importance to do this type of work properly with respect, reverence, and intention, with guides who know what they are doing. These are potent energies. If you’re going to open a portal, you better know how to do it safely, respectfully and with permission. You don’t want to be activated before you’re ready.”

Included in the price of the entire 11-day retreat is 5-star accommodation at every stop and breakfast, lunch, and dinner.The itinerary involves a cruise down the Nile, a trip to Aswan, Luxor, and of course the Pyramids, amongst a few other sacred sites. Meditation, reflecting, and spiritual rituals are also integral components to the retreat, with the added opportunity for a personal photoshoot with Lara, who also happens to be an empowerment photographer.

Visit Lara’s retreat website or her instagram @hausof.light for the full itinerary and more information.