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All Abroad 'Dahabiya Cairo' For Egypt's Ultimate Fine Dining Cruise

Eat, drink and make unforgettable memories on Egypt’s most glamorous fine-dining Nile cruise…

Many a grand and cosmopolitan riverside city across the world will feature - as standard issue - a selection of methods by which one can experience the river that runs through it.

For years however, when it came to the Nile - arguably the greatest river in the world - experiences beyond Egypt’s famed Luxor-Aswan Nile cruises had been frustratingly limited. Visitors to Cairo would unwittingly find themselves on loud and obnoxious tourist-trap city-cruises –mish-mashes of ancient Egyptian and modern pop cultural references sprinkled with tired performances and reeking of inauthenticity.

Recently however a new generation of creative Egyptian entrepreneurs has given the Nile’s beautiful and traditional felucca and dahabiya boats a service-based glow-up, decking out the interiors in style and turning them into world-class floating dining experiences.

Ashrf El-Fiky and Mahmoud Gamal are two such entrepreneurs. The founders of Cafelluca - a year-round casual sail-while-you-dine experience that launched in 2015 and has become one of the most popular ‘destinations’ on the river - recently unveiled ‘Dahabiya’. It’s a first of its kind fine dining experience upon a dazzling dahabiya decked out by one of Egypt’s most sought-after celebrity interior designers Hany Saad. Guests can either book a private table or take over the whole 80-person capacity boat. Both the daytime and evening cruises feature gourmet a la carte feasts to satisfy the most sophisticated palettes and views to satiate all your wanderlust.

For bookings call 012 1111 5145 or go to

All visitors entering Egypt, including nationals, must be in possession of a negative PCR test taken at a maximum of 72 hours before their flights.