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All Museums and Archaeological Sites Will Reopen on September 1st

At the beginning of September, all museums and archaeological sites nationwide will be reopening with restrictions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

During the Coronavirus shutdown, we've let you know about the virtual tours you could go on, since all the museums and archaeological sites had been shut down. Then, about a month or two ago in the middle of the summer, we were able to give you a heads up that those places may open up as soon as September. Now, barring an even bigger disaster dropping on our heads, it's officially confirmed - as of September 1st, all museums and archaeological sites nationwide will finally reopen. Cultural tourism activities are back in full effect, but will adhere to a set of regulations approved by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Egyptians and tourists will be able to travel back and forth between tourist cities and monuments sometime in September. The “Spend Summer in Upper Egypt” campaign will be extended until October 31st, allowing foreign tourists to pay half on tickets to sites in Upper Egypt.

Restrictions on the visits include maintaining a 50% capacity rate in buildings, limiting tour groups to 25 people, temperature checks for visitors and staff, making face masks obligatory, and only allowing 10-15 visitors inside any pyramid or cemetery at a time.