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Aswan’s Hantour Drivers Get a Glow-Up With New Uniforms and Carriage Covers

As a means of beautifying and unifying Aswan’s aesthetic, the governorate has just issued a uniform to be worn by all carriage drivers, as well as a cover for the carriages themselves.

If you're a tourist in Egypt there are a few local terms you're going to have to learn if you want to ride the most authentic vehicles - you know, if by authentic we're excluding cars and stuff. You've got the felucca, and you've got the arabaya, and at Aswan, you'll find the hantour - horse-drawn carriages that will carry you past all the highlights of the area, from the El-Tabia Mosque to the shimmering Nile. Sounds romantic, right? All sorts of magical and beautiful? It certainly should be -  which is why the Aswan governorate has decided to give all of Aswan’s hantours a well-deserved visual glow-up.

Aswan has handed out free uniforms to the drivers, made up of baby blue galabeyas with a dark blue vest on top that are – as you might expect – engraved with the word ‘Aswan.’ To spruce up the carriages themselves – which are, more often than not, pretty worn out - the hantour drivers were also provided with a cover for their carriage. The visual update is all part of a wider plan to upgrade Aswan’s station square, tourist market and the Durrat al-Nil Park to highlight and amplify the timeless beauty of the city.