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Bahrain's First Eco-Resort Opens at UNESCO-Recognised Hawar Islands

Eco-hotel group Mantis promises to bring a unique blend of luxury, fun and environmentalism to Bahrain’s remote island of Hawar.

Gliding toward the pristine white beaches of Bahrain’s Hawar Island, the tarmac roads and soaring skyscrapers of the kingdom’s main island couldn’t feel further as they shrink behind you. With miles of untouched sands stretching out from the aggregation of greens, blues and creams dotting the shoreline hotel ahead, it seems wonderfully absurd that a quiet and beautiful sanctuary such as this took just 45 minutes to reach by boat.

As swathes of palm trees grow bigger, squares of blue evolve into swimming pools and overwater villas begin to separate from one another, the luxurious Mantis eco-hotel paints a heavenly picture of pleasure and relaxation to the handful of guests due to arrive each day.

Opening in 2024, the Mantis Bahrain Hawar Island Hotel & Resort promises to be the first luxury eco-resort in the kingdom of Bahrain. Blending splendour with sustainability, the hotel aims to offer guests a rich, hospitable and authentic holiday experience without marring its surrounding natural environment or ecosystems. The 72-room hotel will offer a unique and intimate experience rarely found in the Middle Eastern luxury hotel market, with cycle paths around the complex allowing for its guests to leisurely ride between the island’s wealth of facilities - including five different dining concepts, an adventure park, a water park, various sporting facilities, numerous outdoor swimming pools and a number of chill-out zones nestled throughout the site.

Perhaps the greatest allure of this desert island escape can be found in its UNESCO-recognised natural history. Surrounded by crystal clear waters with thriving coral reefs and a flowing expanse of underwater seagrass meadows, the island’s rich biodiversity can be safely explored through a range of non-motorised water sports and activities including scuba diving and snorkelling. The resort’s commitment to the protection an d preservation of its natural environment includes the establishment of a wildlife sanctuary surrounding the hotel. When they’re not swimming with sea cows through underwater pastures, guests can opt for a morning hike to try their luck at spotting wild Arabian sand gazelles or local endangered bird species, the Socotra cormorant. Other activities include outdoor yoga classes beneath the sun and peaceful meditation sessions amongst the quieter parts of the island.

Cultivating a humble connection with the island’s nature throughout, the Mantis hotel is installing a series of water, energy and food waste management systems to minimise impact on the island. “The island’s pristine environment has been virtually undisturbed, resulting in a vibrant ecosystem which will appeal to nature lovers,” Amin Alarrayed, CEO of Edamah, the property’s investment company tells #SceneTraveller. “Our aim is to showcase this natural beauty while focusing on sustainability to preserve it for future generations”.