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Book Direct Makes You Grab Your Travel Plans By The Horns

It's about time you took responsibility for your travel plans, and JW Marriott Hotel Cairo and Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel have some serious perks in store for you next time you Book Direct.

People are not good at tackling their problems head-on; they’d rather delegate them to third parties. This weakness of ours might have sustained countless law practices and accounting firms, and it kind of makes sense to have specialists handle your divorce and falsify your tax returns, but when it comes to something as simple as booking a hotel, any four-year-old can do that!

The process has just been made easier; well, at least at JW Marriott Hotel Cairo and Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel. Now you can make your bookings directly through the hotels for the cheapest rates possible, and if you can find a cheaper rate elsewhere, Marriott will match it and give you 25 percent off when you book through them! That’s not the only perk of the hotel chain’s Book Direct, though; the service also allows you to change the reservation either by modifying it or cancelling it altogether at no extra charge. The biggest bonus? You don’t have to pay upfront!  

The shortest route to anything is to directly approach it; it's like dating, you don't want to drag your foot or have your friends make the introductions – you have to make it happen! It's the same for hotels; you grab the bull by the horn and make your own reservations. They don't bite!.

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