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British Airways to Resume Flights to Egypt Starting September 2020

UK airline British Airways will be resuming flights to Cairo starting September, following a three-month hiatus on account of COVID-19

Citizens of Great Britain, we missed you. Your polite demeanour, your genuine curiosity in the face of our ancient artefacts, your long-enduring patience as we try to imitate your accents -  but sadly, circumstances have kept us apart. Things were looking up when the United Kingdom lifted their four-year travel ban to Sharm El Sheikh  in October 2019, but then, just a few months later, the Coronavirus struck, and we were split up once more. But now, after a three-month hiatus, British Airways are finally planning to resume flights to Egypt in early September, 2020.

The UK airline will be one of 11 foreign airlines that have decided to resume travel to Cairo, in addition to airlines from France, Ethiopia, Germany, Austria, KSA, Kuwait, Oman and more. And as a result of countries like these allowing their planes to return to Egypt, the Minister of Aviation has been able to report that the operating rate of flights landing in Cairo reached 30%, and is expected to reach 50% by the end of 2020.